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Three Stone Bar Drop

*The price(s) of the diamonds in these multi-stone earrings are based on a variety of factors including but not limited to carat weight, clarity, color, cut grade, symmetry and polish. The price is not listed because the diamond choices reasonably affect the total price of the complete setting, though we can work with any budget. Hogan Fine Jewelry takes great pride in our diamond quality and we set our earrings with high quality stones that are GIA certified diamonds. We are tenaciously focused on high quality diamonds because that is what we are passionate about.

The three stone bar drop earrings have a design that incorporates three matching diamonds within each earring for a total of six diamonds. Hogan Fine Jewelry can help you find six incredible GIA certified center stone diamonds in order to finish off these beautiful earrings. This pair of earrings is available in white, yellow or rose gold.

Diamond choices can vary based on a number of factors.* Please contact us for available pricing including this semi-mount as well as high quality, matching GIA certified center diamonds.

  • style: multi-stone earrings

  • diamond quantity: 6 (pair)

  • melee quality: SI clarity

  • melee color: near colorless

  • total carat weights available: .25 - 1.50 cttw (pair)

To inquire about these multi-stone earrings, or to schedule an appointment with one of our fine jewelry experts in order to discuss center stone options and complete pricing:


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