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At Home Jewelry Care

From the beginning of my career in jewelry I have had multitudes of people asking for my opinion on their stone. After this request is stated, it is inevitably followed by the words “I need to have my ring cleaned.” If people only knew how easy it was to care for their fine jewelry at home, they would more than likely always have jewelry that was always visibly stunning with not much more effort than it would take to brush your teeth about once a month. My wife loves the fact that her family is in the diamond business. Her exquisite engagement ring can frequent the ultrasonic machine and look like it is always ready for the showroom floor. Most people who don’t have access to an ultrasonic machine or another professional cleaning device for diamonds and gemstones resign themselves to jewelry that often looks dull and has lost its brilliantly visible adamantine luster because they don’t have time in their busy schedule to take it into the jewelry store and have it professionally cleaned. However, there is a very simple way to always keep your diamond jewelry looking brand new with as much brilliance as the day it was purchased. Follow these simple instructions using household items to give your diamond jewelry the treatment it deserves: With a soft bristle toothbrush, stir a glass of warm water with a small amount of dish soap. Take the toothbrush lathered with warm water and dish soap and gently brush it over your fine diamond jewelry. Don’t scrub vigorously during this process, a light scrubbing is all you need. Re-lather the toothbrush once or twice and scrub gently for about sixty seconds. Doing this simple process every month will keep your diamond looking as though it is continuously being professionally cleaned. This at home remedy may seem too good to be true but I highly encourage you to try it. Take a before and after picture in natural lighting so you can truly see the difference. With a little care, your diamond jewelry will look amazing all the time. If you’re still reading this article, and not cleaning your diamonds already, here’s another pro tip: keep your gold out of the pool whenever possible. Chlorine is one of the worst things you can expose your gold to in order to maintain the longevity and metallic luster that we love seeing in our gold. If you have any questions about this article or you would like to set up an appointment with the writer of this article, please e-mail Kevin at today.

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