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Round Prong Halo
Cushion Framed Halo
Trillion Designed Halo
Oval Halo Earrings
Round Double Halo A 
Drop Round Halo
Drop Emerald Halo
Round Basket Halo
Princess Crowned Halo
Teardrop Vertex Halo
Radiant Designed Halo
Round Double Halo B
Drop Princess Halo
Drop Oval Halo
Round Sculptured Halo
Princess Vertex Halo
Marquise Halo Earrings
Emerald Framed Halo
Princess Framed Halo
Drop Cushion Halo
Drop Round Double Halo

Hogan Fine Jewelry has many designs to choose from beyond what you see here and we strive for perfection with all of our designs. If you would like to discuss alternative designs or if you would like us to design your own one of a kind earring, please submit a custom request to get started with your own beautiful and unique design today!

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